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Cipta Mitra Kualitama

Cipta Mitra Kualitama (CMK) is a national company that has been providing trusted services in the outsourcing field for over 20 year. We make use of all our experience and knowledge, to support clients to form a cost-effective and high-performance organization. We aim to help clients increase efficiency, productivity and the opportunity to focus on the company's core products and functions.

Why Choose Us…

Experience in the field of Power Services (Outsourcing) During 20 years with various companies, and we can provide the best service supported by a reliable support system.

Our excellence is a combination of various aspects: information technology, experience, and consistent and focused on client needs, so we can provide added value for clients.


Power Services

CMK provides a reliable and skilled workforce, supported by an integrated support system Carry on…

Jasa Head Hunters

Finding and selecting employment candidates for client companies to fill positions that fit the needs of the client company. Carry on…

Managed Service

Providing services that can perform a series of jobs in support of the operational performance of the client company. Continue..

Psychology Test Services

In the placement of manpower, This service aims to see how much prospective workforce can provide accurate answers according to their personality. Carry on…

Payroll Processing

Providing services to companies that require a complete payroll administration process for employees. Continue..

Event Organizing

One of our divisions is Event Organizing (IT'S THE). We can provide EO services for Company events, Family Gathering Event, Seminars and others according to Client needs at the best prices. Carry on…

They said..

MNC has long been cooperating with PT. Cipta Mitra Kualitama (CMK), since 2009, CMK's performance in working with us is very good and we are very satisfied in terms of service and quality.

Feisal Asegaf – Head of HR MNC TV (2009-2017)