About Us – PT. Cipta Mitra Kualitama

About Us

We are partners in reliable labor supply services, provide skilled workers in accordance with company needs. Our solutions to providing labor / outsourcing services can help you deal with overwork, controlling costs, improve service performance and increase the level of flexibility in work management

PT Cipta Mitra Kualitama can provide workers based on the qualifications and needs of the partner companies or service users through the selection and training process before the placement of jobs.

We have procedures in reducing and overcoming employment problems for clients both problems in the area and individual workforce issues that can make the work situation conducive to action


PT.Cipta Mitra Kualitama (CMK) founded in 1999 by a number of professionals who believe that Outsourcing Services (Outsourcing) badly needed in Indonesia and will grow rapidly in the midst of intense global business competition.

Since founded, CMK is experiencing rapid growth due to increasing market confidence. Initially only served companies in the telecommunications sector, but we continue to advance and develop into other industries including retail, trading, warehousing,distribution services and others.

In the year 2005 PT. Cipta Reksa Pitama (CRP) established to serve clients outside of Java, later in the year 2010 PT. Cipta Bhinneka Mandiri (CBM) to provide services in industrial categories other than telecommunications.

We are committed to continuing to provide the best service for clients and in close partnership with clients, We can provide solutions and services that add business value and increase competitive advantage to the Client.


To become a leading company in the service of skilled and reliable human resource providers, which are supported by professional digitization and management systems.


Conducting regular human resources to get a quality workforce.

Monitor and analyze the needs of clients and partners,and provide a fast and precise solution.